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Do You Need Boat Insurance for a Sailing Dinghy?

Sailing dinghies offer a practical and enjoyable way to experience the thrill of the wind and waves. However, it is crucial not to overlook the potential importance of insurance in the waterways around Kansas City, MO. Although a boat insurance policy may not be expected, it often becomes necessary.

Damage Coverage: Optional but Recommended

For many sailing dinghies, particularly older ones, insurance coverage against damage might not be absolutely necessary. These boats often aren’t worth much, and an insurance claim would likely pay a small sum if a low-cost dinghy were damaged or stolen. However, if you have a brand new or high-performance sailing dinghy, you may indeed want coverage against damage. Our knowledgeable insurance agents at Rich Insurance Agency LLC can help you make this determination.

Liability Coverage: Essential for Peace of Mind

While coverage against damage can be optional, liability coverage is almost certain to be a must-have. It provides protection if your boat causes injury to others—there’s always at least some potential risk of head injury, other injury, or even drowning when sailing. Equally, liability coverage provides protection against potential damage to other boats or docks.

Acquiring liability coverage largely depends on your existing home insurance policy. Many policies contain personal liability coverage, some of which extends to operating small boats. Whether coverage is extended depends on the specifics of your home insurance policy and the size of your sailing dinghy.

If your home insurance policy extends protection to include your sailing activities, you might not need separate liability coverage. However, if it excludes sailing your boat, securing sailing liability coverage through a separate boat insurance policy is advisable.

Securing Adequate Coverage for Peace of Mind on the Water

Our team at Rich Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you navigate through the intricacies of insurance coverage for your sailing dinghy. We can help determine whether you need boat insurance and what coverages to obtain if you do. Contact us today to speak to an agent and gain peace of mind for your water adventures.

Insurance Coverage For Your Home’s New Roof

Maximize Your Policy: Expanding Commercial Insurance for Business Assets

Commercial insurance policies offer a valuable opportunity to insure critical assets in your workplace environment. Adding valuable items to your coverage, such as machinery and electronics, can secure your business assets and operations much more effectively. Here’s a guideline to achieve this:

Machinery Insurance Coverage

Machinery is often a vital component of a business. Their high acquisition costs and pivotal role in operations make it crucial to insure them. You can secure a safety cushion for your irreplaceable assets by including machinery in your commercial insurance policy. Proactively inspect and document all mechanical equipment in use and lay out an insurance coverage plan for them.

Protecting Computers and Electronics

Computers and electronics play a significant role in modern businesses. They support various operational aspects like machinery control, lighting, and data processing. Storing sensitive information and operating pivotal business functions are usually the roles of computers, making them indispensable assets. Ensure you thoroughly document each computer and electronic device you own and secure insurance coverage.

Security Measures as Preventive Steps

Upgrading your business’s security features is an important preventive measure. This can range from installing a secure safe to implementing a comprehensive surveillance system to deter and document potential thefts or damages. This protects your valuable assets and potentially influences your insurance premiums positively.

Consultative Approach with Capalbo Insurance Group LLC

Comprehending your business needs and choosing the right commercial insurance coverage can be an overwhelming task. However, you are not alone. At Capalbo Insurance Group LLC, our dedicated agents are ever-ready to discuss your needs and guide you to the ideal protection package. Our team proudly serves the businesses in South Kingstown, RI. We are just a call away.

Kansas City Boaters: Understanding Your Insurance Options

If you’re a boater in Kansas City, MO, you may be wondering what kind of insurance you need and what insurance options are best for you. Rich Insurance Agency LLC wants to help you understand your options and choose the one that is right for your situation. Boat insurance may not seem necessary to many boaters, but it can be more useful than you may realize.

Who Needs Boat Insurance?

In Missouri, boaters need to be aware of what boat insurance they need to operate securely. In Missouri, boat insurance is not a legal requirement, but that doesn’t mean that boaters don’t need it in the case of an accident. You never know what could happen, not only based on your own actions but on the actions of others. Thus, you really want to consider the possible ramifications of operating a boat without insurance.

Boat Insurance Options

There are many options you can choose from once you have determined you need boat insurance. Boat insurance can cover a huge range of issues. For example, if you are in an accident, have your boat stolen, or experience damage from natural issues like fire.  It can cover your boat itself, but it can also cover damage inflicted on other boats or property. Plus, you can have liability coverage that will also pay expenses based on damage to another person. Other useful policy options include medical payments coverage, uninsured watercraft coverage, and more. When considering what type of insurance you want, you have to think about your situation, limitations, and needs to determine what is good for you.

Boaters Insurance for You

Insurance policies can be quite varied, which is why it helps to discuss your insurance needs with a diligent insurance expert at Rich Insurance Agency, LLC. One of our agents will gladly help those in Kansas City, MO and across the state. You can reach out to us to get started on your boat insurance journey by calling us today. 

What to Consider before Buying Your Next Vehicle

If you own or drive a car, then insurance isn’t optional; it is the law. For smart drivers from all over the greater Kansas City, MO area, however, it is also much more than that. From that piece of mind you have before hitting the highway to having that partner when you need them, the Rich Insurance Agency LLC is here to help. 

Coverage and New Car Considerations

Before you buy your next new or used vehicle, make sure you talk to your local Rich Insurance Agency agent first. With so many variations, types of engines, and other factors, insurance can vary considerably from vehicle to vehicle.

Another consideration is the theft rates associated with certain vehicles, such as certain electric start models. While many of these issues have been corrected or fixed, there are still more than a few makes and models that may have red flags and likewise considerably higher coverage rates.

The good news is our team at Rich Insurance can help. For all your auto insurance needs, and before you buy your next car, talk to us first.

Around the Corner or Across the State Stay Safe with the Rich Insurance Agency

It doesn’t matter if you are driving up the block or to the other side of town; riding with a trusted and proven insurance agent is the safe way to go. With insurance plans that fit every type of driving need and with the coverage to keep you and your vehicle safe, Rich Insurance Agency LLC is your Kansas City, MO auto insurance partner.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Don’t just deal with any auto insurance agency, but work with a team that has your best interest in mind. Contact us to learn more about how we can help and partner with an agent you can count on at the Rich Insurance Agency today. 

Smart Home Technology and Its Impact on Home Insurance

In the rapidly evolving landscape of home insurance, the integration of smart home technology has become a game-changer. As homeowners embrace the convenience and security offered by smart devices, insurers are adapting to this technological shift. Here’s more information from Rich Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Kansas City, MO area, about reshaping the home insurance industry.

Enhancing Security Measures

Smart home devices, such as security cameras, doorbell cameras, and smart locks, are transforming the way homeowners safeguard their properties. These devices not only provide real-time monitoring but also act as deterrents to potential intruders. From motion sensors to smart lighting systems, insurers are recognizing the value of these technologies in reducing the risk of theft and property damage.

Mitigating Risks and Lowering Premiums

Insurance companies are incentivizing homeowners to invest in smart technology by offering discounts on premiums. The data collected by smart devices can be leveraged to assess risks more accurately. For example, a smart leak detection system can minimize water damage risks, leading to lower insurance premiums for homeowners. This win-win situation encourages the adoption of smart home solutions while allowing insurers to mitigate potential claims.

Streamlining Claims Processes

The integration of smart home technology is streamlining the claims process for both homeowners and insurers. In the event of a covered incident, the data recorded by smart devices can provide crucial evidence, expediting the claims process. This not only ensures a faster resolution but also enhances transparency and trust between insurers and policyholders.

The marriage of smart home technology and home insurance is revolutionizing the way we protect and manage our homes. If you’re looking for a new home insurance policy in the greater Kansas City, MO area, reach out to us at Rich Insurance Agency LLC.

Are You Required to Carry Boat Insurance In Missouri and What Qualifies As a Boat?

Missouri boasts numerous lakes and rivers, making it a popular destination for boating enthusiasts. But what are the insurance requirements for boat owners in the Show-Me State, and what exactly qualifies as a boat? Here at Rich Insurance Agency LLC, providing boat insurance in the greater Kansas City, MO region, we want to help answer all of your boat insurance questions.

Do You Need Boat Insurance in Missouri?

Missouri law doesn’t mandate boat owners to carry insurance for their vessels. However, while it’s not a legal requirement, insurance is a prudent choice for boat owners. Boat insurance can protect you from the financial repercussions of accidents, damage, and liability claims.

What Qualifies as a Boat?

In Missouri, a boat is generally defined as a watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water, except for seaplanes. This definition encompasses a wide range of watercraft, including motorboats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, and even paddleboards. If your vessel is used or could be used for transportation on water, it likely qualifies as a boat in Missouri.

Consult With Us

Boat insurance is not legally required in Missouri, but it offers important protection for boat owners. Understanding what qualifies as a boat in Missouri is essential, as it encompasses various types of watercraft. Whether you have a small kayak or a large motorboat, boat insurance can be a valuable safety net, providing coverage for accidents, damage, and liability claims. If you’re looking to insure a boat in the greater Kansas City, MO area, the team at Rich Insurance Agency LLC would love to assist you. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our insurance agents. 

Does insurance cover items stolen from my vehicle at work?

Everyone who drives in Kansas City, MO is required to carry auto insurance. Even nonresidents must carry insurance that conforms to their states’ requirements. Unfortunately, most insurance only protects you if you are found liable in an accident that caused property damage and/or injury to someone else. 

Liability Insurance Is Limited

If you are found to be liable and only carry liability insurance, you don’t even have protection to fix your own car. Adding extra coverage will help protect you in other ways, such as if you are the victim of a theft. At Rich Insurance Agency LLC, we like to help people find the level of protection they’re comfortable with.

Comprehensive Coverage Protects You Against Car Theft

Comprehensive coverage covers the theft of your car and its parts. Your insurance will pay if your car is stolen; if you recover your car but it needs to be repaired; and if your car needs to be repaired because of an attempted theft. 

Comprehensive coverage also offers protection if your car is damaged by a falling tree, a fire, hail, or vandalism. Without the added protection, you will find that you are responsible for repairing or replacing your vehicle on your own.

Do You Have Protection If Someone Steals From Your Vehicle?

Fortunately, you will normally be covered if someone steals personal items from your vehicle. Your personal items are covered under your renters, condo, or homeowners insurance. You are covered up to an agreed amount, and you will have to pay your deductible.

Schedule A Consultation Today

If you are in Kansas City, MO and have any questions about auto insurance, please call Rich Insurance Agency LLC today. You don’t want to be surprised by finding out that you don’t have the coverage you need.

Protect Your Home With a Comprehensive Home Policy

Rich Insurance Agency LLC is proud to serve the insurance needs of homeowners in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding area. We’re here to answer any questions you might have and help you find an appropriate policy for your needs. Call or stop by today!

Benefits of a Comprehensive Home Policy

The main benefit that comes with having a comprehensive home policy is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the coverage you need. Your home will be protected when you experience a covered event. This will allow you to repair your home whenever possible or replace it when necessary.

If your home is declared uninhabitable due to a covered event, many comprehensive policies will reimburse policyholders for alternative lodging. This can be an important benefit to have provided by your home policy when you’ve undergone a catastrophic event. There’s no reason to add more stress to an already unsettling experience.

Now’s an ideal time to find out more about the comprehensive home policies currently available in our area. There’s no need to wait until an event occurs to find out that you could have a more comprehensive policy in place to protect your home and your family. Set up an appointment today to learn more about how upgrading your home policy can increase your quality of life.

A comprehensive home policy typically covers all structures on your property, but it’s best to carefully review the policies that you’re considering.

We’re here to help!

If you own a home in the greater Kansas City, MO area, you can count on the team here at Rich Insurance Agency LLC for all the help you need. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Why All Boaters Need Boat Insurance

If you own a boat, there are a lot of risks that exist with it. There are many boating accidents every year, and people and property can get damaged. As a boat owner, you need to protect yourself from a number of these risks. Boat insurance works much like auto insurance in many ways. There are different types of coverage that are all wrapped up in one policy. When you don’t have boat insurance, call us at Rich Insurance Agency LLC in Kansas City, MO.

Liability Boat Coverage

When you’re out on the water, an accident with another watercraft can happen. Boating accidents are common, and you need to be financially protected in case this happens. When you’re judged as being at fault for the accidents, you will be liable for costs like medical bills for the injured party and damage to the craft and personal belongings. The minimum boat coverage you should have is liability protection. This means coverage for both personal injury liability and property damage liability. When you have this coverage, you can go boating with more confidence and peace of mind. 

Other Boat Coverage

There are also other types of boat coverage that you may want to have. When you have liability coverage only, it doesn’t cover any of your own damages. To cover damage to your own property in an accident, you need collision coverage. When boating, your boat may not just get damaged, it can also sink. Your insurance can pay for a boat replacement to help save you from having to pay for a new boat by yourself. 

Get Your Boat Insurance Policy

Don’t go boating without insurance coverage. To find out more about boat insurance and to get started with a policy, call us at Rich Insurance Agency LLC in Kansas City, MO.

How to Winterize Your Car For the Kansas City Winter

If you are new to Kansas City, MO, and come from a warm climate, we at Rich Insurance Agency LLC need to winterize your car for safety purposes.  Even current residents should check their cars every year.

Winterizing Your Car


Check and change all you can afford.  Check tires’ air, wipers, and transmission fluid when it is actually cold.  A check from last June will not be effective.  The list includes:

  • Antifreeze – this is most important to prevent the freezing up of your car.  Your radiator must be able to withstand the cold.  This is probably the MOST important check.
  • Air filters  – circulation of air is important to operate your car efficiently in the cold
  • Oil – Change your oil to a winter blend so that it will keep your car at the required temperature for your engine.  If you freeze up your engine, you may cause huge expenses.
  • Transmission fluid – Make sure it is full and clean.  Use a winter brand if you need to change or add to this fluid.
  • Windshield wipers – You need to see clearly in poor conditions.  Make sure your wipers are ready.


Must have tread – use a ruler and look for at least .03 mm on each tire.  Replace any tires that don’t meet this measurement.  Put your tires with the most tread on the rear.  All-weather tires are best if you intend to stay in an area like Kansas City, MO.  If necessary, you can buy these two at a time. 


If you must drive any distance at all, your heater MUST work.  This can become a life-saving item in a Kansas City winter.


Make sure to include:

  • Winter Blanket,
  • water and food 
  • flares
  • sand and shovel.


Keep the car topped off. If you are stuck, you can keep your car warm.

Update Your Auto Insurance

For more tips and for all your insurance needs, reach out to us at Rich Insurance Agency LLC. We are here to help all year round!

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